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Solution focused

Yappy’s highly targeted solution is proven to strategically solve business challenges. 

From breaking competitor market monopolies to winning you business and competitive bids when you have no existing relationships with decision makers (and more).

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Outcomes backed

Access the solution that has won billions of dollars in revenue for clients across a variety of industries in Australia and internationally over the last 3 years alone with more than decade of experience in operation.

Data derived

This world-leading solution is completely backed by access to, analysis of and actionable insights from deep data. 

This capability allows you to be informed in a way that supercharges your business development capabilities.

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Recent client wins

I don’t want my competitors understanding this advantage.

Tim Topham – MD, Topdrill

Yappy provided a solution that got right to the people who actually made the decisions – and we have won contracts from that.

Malcolm  Wylie – CEO, Cherratta

We now have tangible information that we can act upon.

General Manager – WA Construction Manufacturing Business

Move from being one of many choices in a business deal, to the only choice.

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