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Recent Yappy Wins

Some of our clients are strictly confidential, but we can share their wins.

Modular Construction Business

Won an $80m+ tender – their biggest deal yet

A contract that marked their largest deal and most successful business year, EVER. They had NO marketing or business development function at the time.

Construction Manufacturing Business

Won game changing business in a single phone call

An order placed in a single phone call to our client, by a company who had NEVER met with our client OR given them the time of day, accounted for ⅓ of one of their National Division’s annual turnover.

Commercial Fitout Company

Beat local competitors to win large tender in new market

Despite being priced 20% higher than the next tender and having NO business relationships in that market – they won their LARGEST deal with their HIGHEST margin in company history.

Mining Engineering Joint Venture

Won significant contract with tender awardee of a huge project (who hadn’t been announced yet)

With no knowledge of which company had won the project tender and would be awarding the feeder contracts, this client had NO chance of proactively building relationships and positioning themselves with the right decision makers…. without Yappy.

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