What results can you achieve with Yappy?

Start winning more business with these types of clients:

Win with companies you have never won with

Influence decision makers at companies you have never been able to win or build the right relationships with.

Retain and win more from your current clients

Remain front of mind for your current clients, align siloed divisions within their organisation, mitigate the threat of competitors and continue to win business.

Start winning business with past clients

Reposition what you are currently known for to win business with previous clients that only know you for your legacy products and offerings.

Unlock these wins and more with the Yappy competitive advantage

Win the business you deserve. Without a foot in the door.

You have a great offering, but the people you are trying to win with won’t give you the time of day or a seat at the table. Winning their business starts to feel out of reach.

What if you could get ALL the key decision makers involved in that deal on your side, and take your company from one of many choices to the only choice without a key contact or landing a meeting?

Educate the market about your true capabilities

Has your offering evolved over time, but the right clients aren’t aware? This might be a roadblock in the way of winning those critical deals, or becoming known in that new market.

Whether you’ve expanded into a new vertical, have capacity to take on more work or have pivoted your core offering – use Yappy to let all of the right people, involved in big contract decisions, know exactly why you’re now the best company for the job.

Win higher quality tenders – without competing on price

Imagine if you could take price out of the decision? Win the deal purely based on your value and be recognised as the best and ONLY choice with all of the key decision makers in the tender process.

Use Yappy’s unique solution to achieve the wins made possible for our clients – tenders won against local competitors, and priced higher than the nearest offering.

Scale your business development. Without hiring

You might have someone dedicated to your business development, and they might be great, though to hit those strategic goals, you really need ten of them. Imagine the impact to your business with that many boots on the ground, phone calls, meetings and conversations being held.

What if you could turn on a unique solution that allows you to achieve those same results not only easier, but without needing to hire? Something that makes scaling, growing market share and your big ticket goals reachable?

Keep winning business – even if your contact leaves the company

People move companies, they retire. 81% of sellers have had deals lost or stalled in the past 12 months due to a key stakeholder leaving.

What if you could put in place an insurance policy against your contact leaving – become forefront of mind as the ONLY choice with MANY people at that company, all at the same time?

With traditional methods, our messaging was not getting to the right people. Yappy provided a solution that got right to the people who actually made the decisions.

Malcolm Wylie
CEO. Cherratta Lodge

Are you ready to start getting results like these?

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