Our story

In 2012, the B2C and B2B selling space had become a market ripe for disruption. The world was changing, technology evolving, business challenges becoming more difficult to solve, and companies needed a unique edge to keep up with how they communicated to win business, or risk falling behind their competitors. Yappy was created, existing to offer B2B companies a unique, competitive advantage to Win more business.

Yappy believes the companies we work with matter.

They matter to the economy, the growth of their industries, to the customers they are serving and to their employees. Yappy knows those companies have a message that matters. More than that – Yappy recognises the value in the right people seeing, understanding and resonating with that message. We see the impact to a company when that happens, daily – how they reach their goals faster, easier and achieve more than they even believed possible.

Yappy amplify B2B businesses’ success by taking them from a choice among many on offer in business deals, investment options or tender processes, to the choice.

We make your company matter to the people that matter to your success.

Yappy is not only focused on driving significant impact for our clients, but through a philanthropic focus, Yappy is committed to giving back and creating positive impact to issues that really matter in spaces of health, hunger, education and environment.

To do this, we have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to achieve unicorn valuation ($1billion) by 29 March 2029 to establish a dedicated philanthropic fund to continue this work with greater reach.

On the way to that goal, Yappy continues to support a number of impactful initiatives.

Some including; pro-bono work for Australian charities to drive donations for fundraising initiatives in the space of mental health and suicide prevention, supporting DGR1 status charity Classroom for Hope to enhance childrens’ access to education by building schools in Lombok, Indonesia with blocks made from recycled plastic waste and sponsoring scholarship programs for Western Australian University Business Schools.

Our Values

Yappy Group have a pretty great set of values. They don’t just sit on the wall of the office – they are lived and breathed daily. In fact, these values are used to reward and recognise team members. They are everything you can expect to experience when working with us, and what guides us in working with companies who share similar values.

Got what it takes to become the next Yapster?

Yappy is growing fast and always on the lookout for new talent to join our team.